Rehearsal Schedule : updated link to Rob’s music (28/5)

links to other pieces:

The bold Grenadier:

The Cuckoo:

The Keel Row:

It was a lover:

Draw on sweet night:

Come live with me:

My true love:

When daisies pied:

Fair Phyllis:

Adieu, sweet Amaryllis:

My Bonny lass she smileth:

Weep O mine eyes:

Love me not for comely grace:

Summer schedule 2022 – Please bring all music to all rehearsals

April 21st

April 28th

May 5th

May 12th

May 19th

May 26th

June 2nd           Half-term no rehearsal

June 9th

June 16th

June 23rd

June 30th

July 3rd             CONCERT – Ditchling

Rob Lane: The Good-Morrow: Here is a link to MP3s of all the different voice parts

Finnissy: Old Beliefs: Here is the Score (in PDF) which you can look at on screen or print off:

Below: each voice part has a MIDI recording with their voice louder than others, played on (synthetic) Trumpet. There are two versions of each voice part, one SLOW and one FAST.  Good luck.  Nick.

Old Beliefs – Soprano (Fast)
Old Beliefs – Soprano (Slow)
Old Beliefs – Alto (Fast)
Old Beliefs – Alto (Slow)
Old Beliefs – Tenor (Fast)
Old Beliefs – Tenor (Slow)
Old Beliefs – Bass (Fast)
Old Beliefs – Bass (Slow)

Guy Richardson: Farewell. Here are MP3 files for each voice. Note: I haven’t separated 1st and 2nd parts in any of the voices (a lot more work for me), but I hope these are none the less useful to your learning.

Farewell: Soprano highlighted

Farewell: Alto highlighted

Farewell: Tenor highlighted

Farewell: Bass highlighted